Myths about good nutrition

Doctors often say the phrase “You are what you eat.” Of course, eating an apple does not make us an apple pie, but nutrition is really the basis of all our life. Our health, well-being, appearance, activity, psychological state largely depends on what we eat. Eating right is the key to a long and happy life, but mistakes often lie in wait for us along the way. We often believe in certain rules and principles of healthy eating that have nothing to do with reality. 

1. A person definitely needs hot food. Not at all, because the body still brings everything eaten to an average temperature and only then digests. From the point of view of gastroenterology, there is no point in a hot lunch or dinner, in addition, too much heated dishes can burn the mucous membrane.

2. Be sure to eat soup. And again, not true, because our digestive tract moistens any food before digesting it. Soups are usually less high in calories, which is why they are recommended for those who are losing weight.

3. Breakfast is a must. No, you need to eat at will. If you want a plate of porridge for breakfast – please, you cannot swallow even a spoon in the morning – do not force yourself.

4. Quickly lifted is not fallen. Unfortunately, this is a joke, as microbes fill any surface instantly. So if food falls, just throw it away.

5. Do not drink food. You can, if you like, only with not very hot drinks, so as not to burn the mucous membrane of the mouth and esophagus.

6. You can’t eat after six in the evening. You can if you are hungry. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to sleep. Of course, eating cakes in the evening (and not only in the evening) is not recommended, but vegetables, fruits or dairy products will not do any harm.

7. Vitamins are found only in fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. Sometimes it is impossible to preserve the freshness of a product without freezing or preservation, so frozen food and canned food can and should be eaten. Proper preparation preserves all vitamins and minerals.

8. The microwave irradiates food. No, microwaves do not affect the structure of cells in any way and are completely safe.

9. Fasting is beneficial. No, you can refuse food only when the body does not want to eat, for example, with ARVI. In case of violent starvation, the body begins to take energy from the muscles, and when food is resumed, it seeks to store more adipose tissue “in reserve”.

10. Milk is essential for healthy bones. No, the amount of calcium in milk is very small, in addition, vitamin D is needed to assimilate it, so special vitamin complexes are many times better than milk.

11. After training, you need to eat sweets to close the carbohydrate window. The term “carbohydrate window” does not exist in dietetics, therefore there is no need to close it.

12. You cannot swallow gum, it will stick inside and stay for 5-7 years. No, chewing gum, like other small items, will be released during the day along with feces.

13. Due to the consumption of bread, yeast fermentation begins inside. In fact, yeast is killed at the baking temperature of the bread. It is worth giving up starchy foods because of its calorie content, and not because of yeast.

14. Bread contains gluten, which is dangerous. Most people are excellent at digesting gluten, and only less than 1% of the world’s inhabitants have an intolerance to it.

15. Spectral analysis of hair will show the deficiency of nutrients in the body. No, since hair is a dead keratinized structure, there are no vitamins in it and cannot be. In order to find out if you have a deficiency of trace elements, you will have to take a biochemical blood test.

16. Do not put hot things in the refrigerator. It is possible in modern refrigerators with automatic defrosting, but it is not recommended in old ones.

17. Vegans live longer. Recent studies show that there is no dramatic difference between the life expectancy of meat eaters and vegans.

18. You need to drink about 2 liters of water a day. if you want, you can drink, but you should not force it into yourself, the body itself will regulate the amount of fluid with the help of thirst.

19. Lemon juice is not harmful to teeth. Quite the opposite, lemon juice is very corrosive to enamel.

20. Lemon water is good for you. No, lemon water is just as healthy as regular water. If you like to drink it with lemon – drink it, if you don’t like it – don’t.

21. Coffee and tea remove fluid from the body. No, coffee and tea are the same liquid as water, fruit drink or soup.

22. You should always finish eating to the end. No, you need to eat as much as you want, and teach children to do it. The desire to eat up everything leads to obesity and malfunctioning of the pancreas.

23. Nuts, mushrooms and eggs are bad for children. No, children can eat all this, provided that there is no allergy or individual intolerance. There are not as many people with allergic reactions to these foods as it seems.

24. Fruit juice is the same fruit. No, juices always contain a lot of fructose, but there is absolutely no fiber, which is needed by the digestive tract. So apple is good, apple juice is not.

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