Modern types of fitness

For those who want not only to improve their figure but also to raise their vitality, fitness centers offer a lot of directions. It is sometimes difficult for a person who is far from sports to choose the right one, given that the varieties of popular fitness sometimes transform into something completely unimaginable. Here you can find cocktails from aerobics, strip dance, oriental martial arts and special forces training techniques.

The main recommendation: choose directions that correspond to your initial training, as well as use techniques that are close to you – if you like dancing, then you will like directions using musical accompaniment, and if you like Chinese philosophy, then pay attention to Tai Chi classes.

Many directions have taken the path of combinatorics, combining aerobics, breathing exercises and strength loads. This approach allows you to more effectively influence the body, due to the involvement of different systems of the body.

On oriental wisdom

Oriental spiritual, meditative and martial practices are at the heart of many modern health-improving pursuits. This is the harmonious development and improvement of the body, spirit and correct breathing. Physical exercise can be combined with meditation and breathing exercises.


A popular form of fitness that came to us from Indian teachings. Performing asanas has a beneficial effect on coordination and the musculoskeletal system. However, in case of spinal problems, the trainer should carefully work out the program for the student to avoid aggravating the problem. This type of modern fitness is effective in dealing with stress.

Tai chi

Chinese gymnastics, popular in the Middle Kingdom, is based on spiritual practices and the foundations of martial arts. This type of fitness is recommended for people of all ages. She is beautiful, restores joint mobility, develops discipline.

Kalari Payattu

Another non-traditional fitness that is gaining popularity, which is based on the Indian martial practice that harmonizes body and spirit.


Or “budokan”. Physical activities that have gained popularity in Hollywood and since 2004 have been actively promoted by athletes and movie stars. It is also a complex of martial techniques, meditative practices and breathing exercises from yoga and martial arts.

Directions with the inclusion of elements of choreography

Effective exercises from the training curriculum for dancers and ballet dancers have long since been mingled with physical education expertise, creating fitness that is attractive to women. Here you can find echoes of street dance, Latin, classical school and even oriental dance.


A type of fitness that all Latino dancers will appreciate. Venezuelan incendiary melodies will accompany dance and aerobic exercises. Impossible to resist, recommended for children.


These dance fitness classes are for ladies who want not only to lose weight and restore muscle tone, but also to develop grace and sexuality. In addition to movements typical for aerobics, the complex includes elements of strip plastic.

Dance aerobics

Numerous types of fitness for women based on rhythmic movements, music and spectacular connections. Various styles can be used here – from belledance to Latin American and even African dances.


This look is saturated with eroticism and seduction. Exercises based on the performance of a complex with elements of acrobatics on a pole (pylon), which was previously perceived exclusively as an attribute of shows in men’s clubs. Now, not only women, but also men are improving in this direction.

Cardio workout

These areas of popular fitness will help strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance and efficient expenditure of extra calories. Most often, classes are conducted in groups using rhythmic music.


Rhythmic fitness direction that helps to return the body or create the desired shape. Group classes are popular with women and are often taught in schools for teenage girls.


One of the most popular directions that does not lose its relevance. Intensive group sessions will help restore muscle tone and vitality throughout the body. One of the first sports destinations that came to Russia in the 90s from abroad.


Classes are held in the pool, so they will be of interest to teenagers, pregnant women and people with spinal problems, since the water relieves the load from the back. Despite the seeming simplicity, the exercises will require effort and after the session you will feel that the muscles are working well.

Step aerobics

The peculiarity of this fitness direction is the steps. Various combinations of step exercises are used with the use of special step platforms that simulate the ascent and descent of steps.

Power training

Variety of fitness areas that actively involve exercises with simulators, weights and weights will help to increase physical strength and endurance. If until today you were frail, with a deficit of muscle mass, then force directions will help to correct the situation.


Classes are held in an intensive mode with the use of elements based on the reception of Muay Thai. Imitation of strikes, dodging, jumping – all at a high pace. Weighting agents may be involved.

Kick aerobics

Combined modern fitness trends are ready to combine effective techniques. As an example, this direction: tai-bo, jump rope and strength exercises. Not only muscles are being pumped, the lungs and the cardiovascular system are working hard.

Body sculpt

Fitness suitable for women and effective for men. The work is carried out with a weight of no more than 6 kg, while the development of muscles remains at a high level. It is included in modern types of fitness, focused on accessibility to a wide range of people.


This type of fitness is recommended for the physically sturdy or those who aspire to become one. In this direction of fitness, strength, static exercises are combined. The training is carried out in an intensive mode with a constant change of activities.

Fitness with inventory

In addition to the hoop and dumbbells, there are other types of sports equipment that can help you improve your performance. Also, special types of fitness have been developed that allow you to relieve the load on the spine, thereby making classes available for people whose opportunities after illness may be limited.

Core first

Classes in this area are carried out in 3 stages: dynamic warm-up, then strength exercises to work out individual muscle groups and relaxation with stretching. Foam tubes are used, more balls and other miscellaneous equipment.


Modern areas of fitness use existing developments. Bosu is a direction originating from fitball. A special balancing platform is used for strength, aerobic and cardio training. If we consider the most popular types of fitness, this one is the most in demand.

Slide aerobics

Exercises are performed on a special platform-track, which allows you to simulate the sliding movements of skiers, rollers. Classes are held in special shoes.


Fitness is popular for women, but large balls are recommended for children and men, athletes who need to develop a sense of balance. Such fitness is more often practiced in groups, but home exercises are also possible.

Stretch fitness

These types of activities are popular not only among the fair sex, but also among men. Increasing the elasticity of the ligaments, strengthening the joints, which is necessary not only to sit on the twine. High-quality stretching helps to achieve success in dances and martial arts. This type of activity is chosen to prevent the development of arthrosis and arthritis.


Popular fitness for women, which can be used by men and children. The direction is based on complexes of static exercises taken from yoga and ballet techniques. Physical work is accompanied by breathing correction, which makes the complex effective for maintaining a figure and tone.


The direction of modern fitness, which is based on the complexes of stretching exercises for various muscle groups in combination with correct breathing. This practice helps to effectively cope with muscle clamps, normalize the blood supply to internal organs.


The main goal of the classes is to increase the elasticity of the ligaments, the flexibility of the spine. A correctly selected program will allow you to perform a split or stand on a bridge even in adulthood. Exercises can be carried out both independently and with the help of simulators.

Among modern fitness activities, more and more new areas of a complex nature appear, combining elements of strength training, cardio and aerobic exercise, stretching exercises, strengthening joints, spine with the addition of breathing exercises. The new trend is versatility, the ability to cover all body systems. Many fitness areas are adapted not only for male and female groups, but include activities for children: for example, fitball, shaping, dance styles, tai chi and tai bo. Attending classes for young athletes helps in the formation of correct posture, compensates for the lack of movement during school and strengthens the body.

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