Fitness dancing – lose weight with pleasure!

Want to lose weight but get bored by going to the gym? Pay attention to fitness dancing. You will not only lose weight but also have a great time, become stronger, more cheerful, more confident in yourself. You just need to choose which workouts are right for you, and what exactly you would like to do.

Popular dance styles in fitness


This energetic Latin American dance is considered the best workout option for weight loss. In terms of its effect on the body, it is often compared to strength fitness. For an hour of continuous intense movement, a person loses up to 600 kcal, which is more than during aerobics. Plus, zumba is really fun, so you’re in a good mood!

However, zumba is an activity for those who already have good control over their bodies, can take an hour’s workout, and know the basic fitness steps. Beginners are better off taking a quieter direction first. In addition, zumba is contraindicated for people with diseases of the spine, knee joints, cardiovascular system.

Body ballet

Body-ballet is a modern dance style that emerged at the intersection of classical ballet, yoga and various types of fitness, such as stretching and Pilates. The exercises are adapted so that the most ordinary person with zero physical fitness can do them. Smooth graceful movements can not damage ligaments and joints, so the exercises are absolutely safe for health. Trainings are available even for beginners. With the help of body ballet, you can also recover from injuries (if the doctor permits).

Despite the gentle effect, this area of ​​fitness brings significant benefits to the body:

  • all muscle groups develop;
  • weight decreases;
  • increased flexibility;
  • a beautiful posture is developed.


Many clubs include dance fitness such as oriental dance in their training program. Belly dance is a great way to reveal your femininity, lose weight around the waist and hips, and improve your posture. The dance allows you to work out deep muscles that are practically not used during other workouts, improves blood circulation, and has a massage effect on the internal organs.

Belly-dance can be done by ladies of any age. During training, the load on the knee joints is minimal, so even women who have serious knee problems can dance belly dancing.

Strip of plastic

Strip-dance is a beautiful sensual form of aerobics that simulates seduction. It harmoniously combines a variety of dance styles and trends, ranging from classical ballet to modern jazz. When performing smooth movements, all muscle groups are involved.

Strip plastic can be performed by women of any age, physique, level of physical fitness. The result of regular exercise will be a toned figure without excess weight, a smooth seductive gait, and, most importantly, an increased confidence in oneself and one’s sexuality.


“Caribbean Mix” is a new dance fitness trend that includes elements from popular Latin American and African dances: merengue, bachata, salsa, kizomba. Incendiary rhythms will help you to relax, get pleasure from classes, become more self-confident, as well as acquire a flexible toned figure, graceful gait, elastic forms. Caribbean-mix is ​​perfect for beginner dancers.


“Mixed dance” is a mixture of fashionable club styles – house, cooking, swag, hip-hop. Elements of different styles can be combined in one dance link or studied in different classes. In terms of physical activity, the dance mix corresponds to aerobics.

You can practice dance-mix at any age and with any level of physical fitness. Exercise strengthens health, develops coordination of movements, and improves plasticity. In addition, you will learn different fashionable dance styles and feel confident in the club or any party.

Ballroom dancing

It turns out that by regularly dancing foxtrot, tango, waltz or paso doble, you can not only lose weight, but also develop your whole body, and also acquire a royal posture. After all, ballroom dancing affects all muscle groups, and the basis of movements in them is the correct setting of the body. For successful training, a dancer needs to train endurance, flexibility and stretching.

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