11 reasons to start doing yoga

The first mentions of yoga can be found in the oldest collection of Indian hymns (~ 1500 BC), and the first images of men in asanas appeared even earlier – in 3000 BC. e. Thousands of years later, yoga has regained its popularity, and the XXI century can be safely called its “second wave”.

Yoga is not only about asanas. This is not religion, not exercise, not meditation, not the lotus position to the sound of a gong. This is a whole philosophy that includes various aspects of development, including physical. You can learn all the mantras and go to India, or you can focus on physics and plastics – in any case, yoga classes will be useful, and there are several weighty arguments to sign up for classes right now.

Strengthening muscles, ligaments, joints and bones

It is worth starting to practice yoga, if only because of the powerful physical development of the body. We are not talking about explosive mass gain, this type of fitness develops strength and endurance of muscles. In the asanas, a large number of isometric static exercises are “hidden” – while you are sitting in various positions, your muscles “swing” at work with your body weight.

During the lesson, as a rule, different departments, muscles and ligaments are worked out. An even load in an almost meditative atmosphere is completely different from training on simulators, and it gives just as much benefit.

Posture correction

Asanas release lactic acid, which builds up in the muscles and makes them ache and contract. As a result, tense muscles relax and the pain goes away. This is especially true for those who often load their backs – whether at the gym or on an office chair.

Just a few activities, and the pain in the lower back will go away, it will become easy for you to sit, bend and move. Most importantly, your back will become straighter and your posture will improve. Working out the chest and arms will straighten the shoulders well, the stoop will go away.

Minimum investment in equipment

Even running requires good running shoes, uniforms, headwear, isotonic and water belts. Yoga in this regard is very convenient: all you need is a rug that costs a few hundred rubles, and then only for convenience and hygiene. Practice yoga barefoot and on the floor, anywhere and anytime.

In fact, you can take an asana anywhere, as long as there is an opportunity to straighten your back. No gym equipment, no equipment, just you and your body. You can also take care of the presence of a large mirror to control the correctness of the exercises, but this is optional.

Better sleep

Yoga is relaxation and relaxation. You will notice how much attention the instructor pays to breathing, a sufficient supply of oxygen is very important for the body. You will also learn to relax and be surprised that before you could not do it completely, even while lying on your back.

Rest and relaxation invariably lead to healthy and sound sleep. In addition, regular yoga classes will teach you to disconnect from the problems of the outside world, immerse yourself in a calm state. This is a very useful skill that can be easily applied outside the gym. It’s much easier to get through a lot of stress if you can disconnect from the negativity and calm down, right?

Yoga suits everyone

And for many, it is shown, for example, as a recovery from an injury. Of course, consultations of doctors and trainers are necessary here, amateur performance can only worsen the situation, but under the supervision of an experienced instructor, recovery will noticeably accelerate.

You can practice yoga at any age, there are no restrictions. Older people are also capable of joining it, this is a great way to continue to do fitness if a dynamic sport is no longer suitable. Every second yoga school also has courses for pregnant women with special exercises – expectant mothers learn to breathe and relax, but only after consulting their doctor.

General tone and increased immunity

Improving blood flow, which means better oxygen supply, heals the internal organs. The increased blood circulation, which yoga stimulates, helps to better cleanse the body of waste and harmful substances, the general tone leads to greater resistance to disease – the level of immunity increases.

There is also a philosophical component of yoga: sooner or later you will probably notice that many “yozhiks” practice self-hypnosis. “I don’t want to catch a cold – I won’t get a cold.” You can argue about this for a long time and call auto trainings unscientific, but the fact remains: yoga lovers get sick less and more often stay away from seasonal SARS epidemics.

Gymnastics for the mind

Mantras and meditations will not give +50 to your IQ ( some researchers argue that this is still possible), there will be no special intellectual load in the classroom. However, yoga is useful for brain activity, because due to the flow of blood to the hemispheres, memory, concentration and coordination of movements are improved (and this is also the work of the brain).

Yoga has a positive effect on people with Alzheimer’s disease, and it is also an excellent prevention.

Be alone with yourself

It is not so often that we manage to stay in peace and quiet: morning, children to school, work, lunch with colleagues, dinner with family, weekends with parents or friends .. Social networks, music with headphones and even a book is always the presence of someone. more. Yoga is a whole hour a day, which is only yours.

Immerse yourself in your universe, get to know your inner space. Surprisingly, remaining within yourself, you will feel the unity with all that exists and, most importantly, with yourself. Many people in the first yoga class are surprised by the instructor’s request to close their eyes, and in the second or third lesson you yourself will not want to open them.


Despite the significant philosophical component, yoga remains a direction of fitness. Physical activity during classes is not exhausting and does not leave you without energy, but it is present and very noticeable. You will get your dose of serotonin and endorphins in the blood just like after other workouts.

“Hormones of happiness” provide comfort and pleasure during and after exercise. Anyone who has at least once experienced euphoria after a workout knows that serotonin multiplies stress and depression by zero, and its regular release into the blood gives a permanently good mood and a smile. A powerful charge stimulates creative processes, perhaps that is why yoga is so popular in show business.

Healthy skin and a fresh look

Of course, nothing can replace daily skin care and cleansing. Yoga also contributes to the overall health of the skin. The increased blood flow supplies the dermis with oxygen (remember the oxygen cosmetics ad?) And removes carbon dioxide.

The result is the disappearance of dark circles under the eyes, an even tone, the effect of radiance and healthy skin.

 Improving Sex Life

The reason is the same: blood supply. Practitioners of asanas, of course, cannot bypass individual parts of the body, additional oxygen stimulates the work of the pelvic organs and goes to the sex glands. Therefore, yoga is also used for therapeutic purposes for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and infertility.

The additional tone of the genitals raises sexual activity a notch higher. In addition, asanas develop flexibility and improve stretching, it is no coincidence that the ancient treatises on love (what to be ashamed of, we are talking about the “Kama Sutra”) were written in India – the homeland of yoga and masters of posture.

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